Experience with Educational Technologies

I’m Bad at Grammar Publication

I recently had this article published in Language and Information Society:

ALI Online Magazine

In Fall 2011, I taught a class called ALI Online Magazine. My students created this magazine using WordPress.

Research Skills Website

This is a website that I have created for a Research Skills course that I teach. The website is a repository of resources, assignments, and model papers for students to access.

Project-Based Learning Workshop

This is a workshop that I have given to K-12 teachers on behalf of the US Embassy in Costa Rica.

Project-Based Learning Activities

Download (DOC, 11KB)

These are two project-based activities that I have conducted with ESL classes and have demonstrated in TESOL workshops.

Technology Workshop

This is a workshop that I gave for the TESOL M.A. program at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Recipe Book Project

This is a project that one of my intermediate Grammar and Writing classes at Pace University completed. Each student chose a recipe from their culture and worked over a period of five weeks to write the recipe, cook it, and take a photo for their page in the recipe book.

The Institution as Context Publication

This is a forum article that I had published in the Working Papers in TESOL and Applied Linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Conversation and Listening Blog

This is an example of a blog that one of my Conversation and Listening classes at Pace University created. The purpose of this blog was for students to practice listening skills and finding and posting videos in English and to generate discussion. Link to blog here: http://conversationandlisteningcafe.blogspot.com/